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Faith Matters -            I Believe

I Believe: Christian theologians provide an overview of the tenets encapsulated in the Apostles’ Creed. Topics include the Creed as a summary of basic Christian doctrine; the Creed as defense against heresy, especially in the early Christian era when uncanonical versions of the Gospel were circulating; the Creed as a confession at baptism; the definition of “belief” as an assertion of faith in the Apostles’ experience; the doctrine of the Holy Trinity; the Holy Spirit; and God the Father, a personal God who is involved in human life as both creator and nurturer. Part 1 of the 7-part series, Faith Matters

Faith Matters - Almighty Love

Almighty Love: This program explores the concept of God as an all-powerful being and his. Theologians discuss the role of love and humility in God’s omnipotence; the puzzle of determinism and free will; life’s origin as purposeful creation and not random chance; what it means to be made “in the image of God” in terms of moral responsibility; stewardship of the Earth; God’s covenant with his people; and how evil arises. Part 2 of the 7-part series, Faith Matters


Faith Matters -   Savior of the World

Savior of the World: Christian theologians discuss the nature of Jesus Christ as being both fully human and fully divine. Among the topics covered are the word “Christ” as an expression of spiritual, not political, salvation; the Arian controversy and Christ as God’s son; the roots of the term “Our Lord” and the implications of this; the ramifications of Christ’s incarnation in human form; Mary and the significance of the virgin birth in ancient and modern times; and Jesus as a “second Adam” without original sin. Part 3 of the 7-part series, Faith Matters   



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